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Financial Key Figures

x 1 million euro


Net turnover 289.5 316.4 300.3
Gross margin 48.1 59.0 55.3
Result after tax 7.0 8.5 4.7
Depreciation tangible fixed assets 2.9 3.1 3.2
Investments in tangible fixed assets 3.1 8.0 2.9

Balance sheet

Group equity 46.3 49.3 50.3
Cash flow from operating activities 3.0 21.6 9.1
Cash and cash equivalents 19.7 28.5 25.2
Growers depositis 20.7 21.0 0
Total assets 108.6 119.8 125.1

Group equity as % of total assets




For more details and background, please read our full Anual Report 2017-2018

Risk Management

Doing business inherently involves taking risks. By taking balanced risks we strive to continuously build on being a financially sound and sustainable company. Risk management is therefore an important element of our corporate governance and strategy development.

HZPC's business is focused on developing potato varieties, selling potatoes, and developing potato concepts and potato knowledge. We always seek to take initiatives that will increase awareness of business risks and internal control. At the same time, we have to be willing to take risks while focusing on providing transparency in our operations.

STRATEGIC Seed potato diseases IT-systems
  International activities International seasonal supply and deliveries
OPERATIONAL Attracting talent  
FINANCIAL Fluctuations in exchange rates  
  International commercial operations  
COMPLIANCE Complying with laws and regulations